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    Jayne Adams

       Jetty's End                     $1800.

       Pinked                            $1800.

       Summer Stoop                 $450.

    Kelly Desrosiers

       Honeycomb                       $600.

       Sturgeon                           $900.

       The Bounded Ocean          $600.

       The Wind Swept In           $1200.

       Twinkling Stars                  $600.

       Web                                   $600.

    Berri Kramer

       1927                                   $285.

       Dusk Glow                         $750.

       Going Postal #1                 $600.

       Sumi II                               $350.

       The Power of Truth #1      $750.

    Robin Swennes

       Blues on the Loose           $525.

       Sun-Kissed Blues              $345.

       The Fruits of my Labor   $2100.

       The Reveal                        $625.

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